Over 20 years ago, I was introduced to medical transcription and immediately I was hooked.  I was never bored.  I was constantly learning something new:  maybe about a new procedure, medical term, drug or treatment modality.  I knew this was an exciting profession and I wanted to be a part of it!  At the time, I was in another profession, and I was not particularly inspired.  Hence, I was looking around for other opportunities to match my qualifications and aptitude.   I saw an advertisement in the newspaper recruiting medical transcriptionists.  I applied, did the required training and soon began working.

A medical transcriptionist is a medical language specialist, which basically means you have to be familiar with medical words and terminologies.  You also have to be a pretty good proofreader and be adept at correcting the English language.  I have always had a wide vocabulary, and so studying medical terminology was a natural fit for me.  The medical transcriptionist listens to the recorded spoken word, which is usually dictated by a doctor or healthcare provider, and types or transcribes the information.  For me, the most difficult part of the training was learning to type, as I had to learn from scratch and my typing skills were almost nonexistent.  The beauty about typing, however, is that with practice your speed will improve over time.  The fact is, in this profession, you are paid by the lines, so you can imagine what that means if you are a slow typist!

I thoroughly enjoyed working as a medical transcriptionist.  There were days that I was so absorbed and engrossed in transcribing, editing and proofreading, that I actually lost track of time and place.  I was also encouraged by my supervisor, Jean, who informed me one day that my work was “accurate.”   Finally, I had found a job that I really was passionate about.  The company, for which I worked at the time, eventually closed its operations and that was the end of working as a medical transcriptionist for me.  Guess what?  I went back to my old job, but there was a problem.  I was now aware that I was good or even excellent at doing something else and I enjoyed it, so I was not content with things going back to “normal.”  I had been exposed to medical transcription; I had found my love and passion!  And so, I toyed with the idea of one day working again as a medical transcriptionist, or even perhaps, having my own medical transcription business!  I did try to push this dream aside: however, I just could not shake the idea…for some reason, it kept on popping up.  Over the years-I have bought books, CDs, and the necessary software and equipment for transcription in the name of reuniting with my passion.

Well, it took a while, but here I am an entrepreneur and the owner of Geddes Medical Transcription Service.  As you read this post, I want you to reflect on a couple of things:  if you are dissatisfied in your present job, take a chance on yourself and don’t say no to new opportunities or job experiences.  You are not too old; I am not exactly a new kid on the block myself.   I had absolutely no idea what medical transcription was, and yet I signed up and did the course, and hello, I loved it!  It took me over 20 years, but I am doing what I have always wanted to do. Seriously though, to do what you love is such a relief; can you imagine being miserable for 8 hours each day?  That is no way to live.  For those of you looking for a more meaningful career, why not give medical transcription a try?  You might be pleasantly surprised.

Biology was one of my majors in college. This has helped me in medical transcription, specifically where Anatomy and Physiology and medical terminology is concerned.  I enjoy learning about the medical field and the procedures associated with it, as well as cutting-edge medical technology.  I also like medical jargon, and I especially enjoy learning something new each day.  There is no place for boredom in medical transcription.  How many jobs can you say that about, while making money in the process?  That to me is a winning formula.



“Work without love is slavery.”-Mother Teresa

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