Services Provided  


  • Medical Document Transcription
  • Research and Academic Paper Transcription
  • General Transcription 

Medical Document Transcription

Medical documents/reports are generated during a patient’s medical care; whether in an outpatient clinic or hospital. 

Regardless of the healthcare facility or its specialites, documentation has to be made for every patient.  This may be regarding the presenting complaint, diagnosis, prognosis, medication, or treatment. 

This information is critical for providing the seamless,  continued quality care that patients expect.  Usually there are about nine or ten report types that medical transcriptionist routinely transcribe. 

These include the history and physical examination report – otherwise called an admission report; discharge summary report; radiology report; operative report; pathology report; consultation report; death summary report; autopsy report; progress note; and SOAP notes. 

We have the expertise and skills necessary to assist you in documenting your patients’ medical records.

Research and Academic Paper Transcription

Research is a continuous process and thus is always ongoing.  Every day, new products and drugs are approved for use.

Many of these arise from research carried out by private and governmental facilities, such as universities and pharmaceutical companies.

We are cognizant of the fact that research is a time-consuming endeavor, which involves years of meticulous work, also that often times confidentiality is required.

We are professional in our approach and prioritize privacy and confidentiality in our work.  Research organizations, universities and pharmaceutical companies- rest assured, we are well aware of your needs.  We are able to provide transcription solutions to satisfy your requirements and needs.

General Transcription

Do you need audio to be converted to into text or a transcript? Do you have information or data for a book, e-book, magazine or compact disc?

Are you looking for a transcriptionist who has as much passion as you do to help you with this project?  Your search has been successful.  Contact us!

We love to see others succeed, and will make you our priority.  Geddes Medical Transcription Service provides transcription services to publishing companies; budding or seasoned authors in the fitness, nutritional and allied health fields; and others.

So if your passion is to educate and inform others – perhaps about a particular diet, an unconventional treatment modality, or even about healthy lifestyle practices – let us help you write your story.