I want to be in business but I hate reaching out to prospective clients. After listening to Nancy Sathre-Vogel, I was inspired and took action. Hope this will give you the motivation to find clients for your business.

Nancy Sathre-Vogel spoke at a TEDx Talk about how she overcame her fears to ride from Alaska to Argentina. She was approached by her husband and children with the idea of a family road trip on bicycles. She was not enthused; she was not open to the suggestion or even the possibility.  Nancy thought of all the challenges: the dangers, the biting cold, high mountains, winds being too strong. These were all practical reasons that any sound thinking person would have to be mindful of and consider, before embarking on such an arduous journey. 

She was afraid that she “would not be able to do it” and so it was better for her “to not try at all”. That made sense, why would she want to waste her time? After all, why not save herself all that agony? And then the truth came to her … she was actually afraid of failing in her efforts. She was afraid of being unsuccessful and going “back home with her tail between her legs”… And then she had an epiphany! It was that if she went, she had a 50/50 chance of failure. But, if she stayed put, there was a 100% chance of failure! With that kind of probability she settled for the 50/50 chance, “as it made no sense not to try”. 

As I listened to the logic or reasoning of this argument it had a profound impact on me… this was my motivation to find clients! This made sense to me. One of the things I had been stuck on is reaching out to potential clients for my medical transcription business. Yes, it is daunting and yes, I don’t like doing it, but it comes with the territory. I may reach out to some persons and they may say “no”, that is okay. Others may speak my language by saying “yes” and that would be marvelous! When I contact clients and reach out to them it is a 50/50 chance.  At least if I do there is the possibility that I will hear the right type of music. The point is if I don’t reach out; there is a 100% chance that I will not. With that type of odds I decided to chance the 50/50 and so I sent out five emails introducing myself and soliciting clients. Guess what? One actually responded inquiring about my services, and if I were able to do evening/night transcriptions. I think I will continue doing this.

I got the gig from the prospect that responded and worked part-time with her for approximately three months!  So what are you waiting for?  Get on with it!

Hope you got tons of value from this,

Talk to you soon.

Yvette Mair



Motivation to find clients for your business!

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