Is it possible for me to do full-time medical transcription work from home in Jamaica?

Excellent question.  Let’s meet someone who is doing medical transcription work from home! 

Hello and Welcome to my blog!  My name is Yvette and I am very excited to do my first interview, and my guest is Mrs. Sharon Sappleton.  In today’s interview I will be speaking with Sharon.  She lives in Jamaica and has been working full-time as a medical transcriptionist from home!  Imagine that! She provides medical transcription services for radiology and x-ray facilities, anything to do with imaging. And may I add, she is quite good at what she does.

In this interview we will find out how Sharon got into medical transcription and how she got to the place where she is now:  Self-employed and then get some pointers on how to get started working from home as a medical transcriptionist.

Yvette:  Hello Sharon and welcome!  

Thank you for agreeing to do this interview.   We met awhile back through my brother- in- law Tony.  He knew I had an interest in medical transcription and you were working as a medical transcriptionist (MT) so he gave me the link.   Sharon you are doing something that I want to do! – work from home, full time, having my own business!  And I am sure many of my readers have the same dream.  You are doing something that I dream about, how does it feel?    

Sharon:  Hello Yvette, thanks for affording me this opportunity to express some of my views on medical transcription and working from home. 

Yvette:  You are most welcome. How did you get started in medical transcription?

Sharon:  Actually, I had no interest in medical transcription up to the year 2001. It’s when I started this new job in that year, I was asked by the manager to do medical transcription. Of course I was not interested, however, he told me that he had bought this programme online for someone else who was not interested, and did not want his money go to waste, so from there that’s how I got started by doing the online course.

Yvette:  How long have you been in this business? 

Sharon: I started officially since 2007.  

Yvette:  What are some skills that would be important for medical transcriptionists to have?

Sharon:  Good listening technique is very important, also knowing medical terms is another skill that is required.  You must also be able to proof read your work to avoid mistakes because a simple “a” can give a report a wrong diagnosis.  Also you ought to be able to understand a report that you are typing, whether it makes sense or not. 

Yvette: That is an excellent point. I know you love your job, why do you enjoy medical transcription?

Sharon:  Yvette, for me this is the way to help people, by them getting a report to know the status of their illness which will make them feel more comfortable knowing the next step to take. 

Yvette:  You have a business.  You work from home full-time, recently you told me that you have so much work. You have enough work to keep you occupied for the day!  How did you get started doing medical transcription work from home?

Sharon:  Actually it was at the suggestion of my boss. 

Yvette:  Share some tips on how to go about setting up a home office. What kind of equipment or tools did you use when setting up your home office?

Sharon: Make sure you have the connections: Internet, computer, foot pedals, and ear phone.  Most importantly you will need connections with a Radiologist/company who want the services of a MT. 

Yvette:  For persons reading this, or for those persons wanting to start a medical transcription business from home in Jamaica, how would they go about starting this, especially getting clients?

Sharon: Marketing is key.  Once you are a competent MT and you have satisfied clients, for me that’s a recommendation.  If you can call a radiologist to question their report which seems wrong to you, and the radiologist acknowledges this, there you market your competence. 

Yvette:  I have to ask this question:  We are curious and I am sure my readers want to know how much money can be made by a medical transcriptionist locally.  So please tell us about your pricing and the volume of work you do each day.

Sharon: Actually Yvette if money is the only reason for transcribing then it’s not worth it. You must have a passion for this, that’s when you will want to do reports daily, and from there your clientele will be so big.  Reports can range between approximately $150-$200 per report independently. It differs when you are working for a company though this can be a fixed salary. 

Yvette:  Voice recognition software has been around for years; just recently Amazon launched their system.  Are you worried that your job will be in jeopardy or become obsolete?  

Sharon:  Yes I do. 

Yvette:   Sharon you have been a mentor to me, when I needed advice on anything regarding medical transcription.  You have been so helpful and supportive to me.   Thank you.   Is there anything that is of concern to you regarding this profession?

Sharon: One of my concerns is there is nowhere in Jamaica that teaches this skill/profession. All my years in this filed I have noticed that this is only offered online which comes with a high cost.  If somewhere, somehow this can be arranged in Jamaica that would be a plus for those who would want to learn this skill. 

Yvette:  I agree with you on that. My wrap up question is:  Would you encourage others to get into this profession and if your answer is yes, why? 

Sharon: I certainly would encourage others in this filed once there is a passion for it. As I said before it’s not only about the money that can be made but also it gives you a chance to be independent of an office setting, where you work at your own leisure and time. 

Yvette:  Thanks Sharon, I really appreciate this interview.

Thanks you so much for visiting my blog.  Hope it educated, inspired and motivated you to have your own home-based medical transcription business. You also have proof that it is possible to do medical transcription work from home right her in Jamaica!

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Interview with Sharon: Medical transcriptionist, doing medical transcription work from home, full time in Jamaica

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