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Are you searching for medical transcription jobs? Late last week I received a call from a gentleman, (what cause you to think that there are only female MT’s? Yes, you read right there are male medical transcriptionists).  He  had seen my website Geddes Medical Transcription and was enquiring about the prospects of being hired by me. We talked a bit and I explained to him that I have a full-time job outside of medical transcription.  The truth  is I have been struggling to get clients, much less hire another person!   Anyway there is hope for those persons interested in finding medical transcription jobs, so read on.

Where to find  medical transcription jobs

Yes, you can get medical transcription jobs locally. The advice I gave him,  I am giving to you as an aspiring medical transcriptionist. Apply to diagnostic facilities: medical laboratories, radiology and x-ray facilities.  Places where ultrasounds, MRI’s and CT scans are done. These facilities needs medical transcriptionists. All these places utilises the services of medical transcriptionists. If a patient visits the radiologist, a report has to be submitted back to the referring physician, this has to be transcribed.  In emergency cases or where the information is needed immediately (ASAP) the radiologist may call the referring physician to give a verbal feedback. However a formal report will be sent back to the referring doctor later on. 

The newspaper is a really good place to look.  That was where I first heard about medical transcription.  In my case, an oversees medical transcription company, ran a series of advertisements looking for persons to be trained and employed as medical transcriptionists.  I usually see these vacancies listed in the classified section of the newspapers.  So check the  newspapers especially on Sundays.  A friend of mine knowing my interest in medical transcription sent me the email address of a BPO that was hiring for medical transcriptionists recently.  She had seen the advertisement in the newspaper.  Thankfully,  I  was able to  send my caller the email address and other pertinent details. It is my hope that he will be successful. 

I have shared with you ways in which you can ferret out medical transcription jobs. I have had first-hand experiences with these.  

If this is really your passion and you want to work in this field, then don’t be frustrated.  Apply, email or call (for those bolder) to find out if vacancies are available.  There are persons working in Jamaica as medical transcriptionists both males and females.  It is not as difficult to get medical transcription jobs as you may think.

Find Medical Transcription Jobs in Jamaica

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