Hello!  My name is Yvette Mair and I am the owner and founder of Geddes Medical Transcription Service.  I am a medical transcriptionist (healthcare documentation specialist) and I reside in Jamaica.  I was trained as a medical information transcriptionist at Excelsior Community College and National Transcription Technologies (Jamaica) Limited.  I am also the holder of a Diploma in Medical Transcription.  In addition, I have worked as a Human/Social Biology and Science educator for many years.

I am all about offering accurate and quality medical transcription services online at an affordable price.  I work with healthcare providers and related businesses to provide medical transcription solutions for their individual transcription needs.

I stumbled upon medical transcription over 20 years ago and I was intrigued!  Today I am still just as excited about it.  As medical technology continues to advance, I am always learning something new, from innovative medical procedures to promising treatment modalities.  For me, medical transcription is neither routine nor boring – in fact, I find it intellectually stimulating!  I strongly believe that I should pursue work that I am passionate about and love, which explains why I am a medical transcriptionist!

I enjoy editing and proofreading medical reports.  I assist clients with their medical transcription needs, by converting audio or voice files into written words.  I value my customers and feel privileged to be able to serve them.

Vision and Mission Statements

Geddes Medical Transcription’s vision is to  provide excellent medical transcription services online to healthcare facilities, thereby improving quality of patient care and simplifying everyday administrative processes; and to empower patients by making their own health records more easily accessible and understandable.

Geddes Medical Transcription’s mission is to provide quality, accurate and affordable medical transcription services online to healthcare facilities and their providers on a global scale.

I provide accurate and cost-effective medical transcription services online.  Check out the services offered on this website.  Next contact me by e-mail or phone at (876) 533-3773 to discuss your individual transcription needs.